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A Hidden Fire  - Elizabeth   Hunter This book took me a while to get through. First off - it's boring! I don't think anything actually happened until the end of the book. I felt like the whole book they were sitting in the library studying and talking. The back and forth banter between B and Giovanni reminded me of how high schoolers who have crushes on each other go back and forth. It was just sad. Let's not forget that Giovanni is supposed to be 500 years old or something. I can't be sure. I had to skim over a lot just to get through - I don't like doing that.

I also didn't care for any of the characters. I couldn't tell you what B's personality is. All I know is she likes to read. The love interest, Giovanni, has the personality more of the perfect woman instead of the perfect man. I also have problems w/ romances in books when I don't find myself attracted to the male lead. I struggled to like him b/c I like alpha male characters who take what they want and he reminds me more of Edward Cullen. Or let's forget that I prefer an alpha male lead. What about a male love interest that says something interesting. Half the time he won't even say anything to B. And when he does talk to her, he never says anything remotely entertaining or interesting. He's a little b****. You don't even try to have sex w/ B? Or maybe go to 2nd base? He's a man & he should have the sex drive of one. Instead he acts like a high school girl who is afraid to make the first move.

Then there's the villain. Lorenzo is apparently evil & a psychopath. Then all he does is take B w/ permission from Giovanni. And holds her captive in a room w/ a bed and bathroom. No torture. Nothing super terrible. No psychopathic or evil behavior.

I have a feeling when B and Giovanni actually have sex in the series, the scene will be quick and very clean. Also, I hope the other books in the series have plots that are much more intriguing. This book felt more like a YA novel than an adult novel. I feel duped. It was so fluffy - not the type of book I like. I need more action, adventure, personality.....meh.