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Succubus On Top  - Richelle Mead While reading this book I found the plot and characters boring and predictable and pointless.

I didn't care about the plot at all. The storyline with Dana seemed completely pointless to me. It seemed like an excuse for the author to throw her political/cultural views in there - a lot. Not that I agreed/disagreed with the views, but the storyline seemed so pointless that I couldn't think of another reason for it to be in there. Not to mention, there is nothing creative about her character. She is just one big stereotype. That storyline was boring throughout the whole book and then magically Dana makes her move on Tabitha at the end of the book out of nowhere. Didn't seem very realistic to me. By the way - I predicted that Dana was going to turn out to be a lesbian b/c again - her character is one big stereotype. Wow! No way! The author has a character who vehemently opposes gay marriage turn out to be a lesbian! PREDICTABLE and BORING. It seems like Dana was supposed to be a villain. I like my villains more complex. Also, I don't think that immortals would care that much about a radio show host who "influences" mortal politics. Wasn't buying that either.

Then there's the storyline with the ambrosia, which I didn't really care about either. Some people are doing drugs! That happens all the time...all over the world...! People make choices and then they have to deal with the consequences. I don't understand why the whole book had to be about that. I get it. Doug is Georgina's friend. Doesn't make it an exciting or interesting plot to base a book on. Then when Georgina comes face-to-face with Sol for the first time towards the end of the book, she destroys him. No problem. The book boringly builds up to that moment and it's over in an instant. Stupid...boring...predictable. Pretty weak for being the book's other villain.

Let's move onto Seth. What a boring love interest. What a doormat. First of all, he is A-Okay with her being a succubus. We move from book 1 to book 2 and there's no tension or anything with the bombshell she drops on him. Dumb. Then we have Seth as a "boyfriend." If you even could call him that. What guy would realistically be ok with their girlfriend having sex with another guy (Bastien) - even if she was gorgeous? So not only is Seth ok with Georgina having sex to fulfill her succubus needs, but it's fine if she cheats on him too. I just don't find someone with that weak of a personality and no ability to stand up for himself to be sexy. Yes men can abstain from sex for a time to get the girl or for love. But for how long? It just seems convenient for the plot and I don't see it as realistic. I definitely like my lead males to have alpha personalities (i.e. Curran, Barrons, Ethan Sullivan, etc). Seth does not have an alpha personality. He's a b****.

Then, there's Georgina. There's nothing I don't like about her, but there's also nothing I particularly like about her. I like books with female leads who have strong personality traits (i.e. Kate Daniels, Charley Davidson, MacKayla Lane, Merit, Anita Blake, etc). Sure Georgina's got a big heart for a Hell-ish succubus. Who cares? I need more than that. I need something that's going to get me excited to turn the page. Excited to hear what she has to say. Then there's the part where she cheats on Seth. You're taking naked pics for your boyfriend, then you have sex with someone else who's been your friend for centuries. What a sloot. But she still TOTALLY LOVES Seth. Which brings me to my last point. Georgina has been alive how long? And she acts like this? Someone as old as she is would not act the way she does. I can't even get into it. I'm done with this review.

I will eventually read the other books b/c they are on my Kindle and they cannot be returned. Woops.