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Seven Years (Seven Series #1)

Seven Years (Seven Series #1) - Dannika Dark This book was a letdown for me. I will try to keep this simple.

I didn't feel like there was good character development. Austin and Lexi are likeable, but nothing memorable. Also, all these men are obsessed w/ Lexi just b/c she's a single female? And they barely know her (w/ the exception of Austin) & they are doing all these things for her. This was not alpha male behavior to me. It was just creepy. Let's not forget Lexi's friends - April, Charlie, Naya....those parts of the book were dry, underdeveloped and not interesting.

I didn't like the dialogue either. So many times throughout the book when I was reading Austin's lines or thoughts, I would think to myself, "That sounds like something a girl would say." Or, "No guy would ever phrase something that way." It was not believable to me.

Then, the plot in general did nothing for me. What is the point of Lexi? She doesn't do anything the whole book! I don't even understand the point of Beckett. The book would have been fine w/o him. Then there was the candy shop (seriously? That's her job at almost 30?) and April/Charlie. Then there was the heat thing & Lexi's Mother/Sister issue at the same time. Then the stuff w/ Lexi's boss, which didn't do anything for me b/c I know almost nothing about Charlie or him & Lexi's relationship. Then, Lexi's dad. None of it was particularly intriguing to me. Oh and the super cheesy romance stuff at the very end of the book - the CD w/ him singing on it...really? Cheesy mushy gushy romance - not my thing. Especially when it's a bunch of that all rolled into the last 3% of the book.

Still looking forward to MB5 though...or should I say...Shine.